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NBA Lines - Lakers Hire Mike Brown

Posted by Marcello Messina on 5/27/2011 10:02:41 AM

The Los Angeles Lakers hired NBA lines head coach Mike Brown to replace Phil Jackson on Wednesday.

NorthBet Numbers: LA Lakers were 39-42-1 ATS this season.

When the Dallas Mavericks swept the Los Angeles Lakers in their second series of this postseason, coach Phil Jackson decided it was time for him to put down his clipboard and retire.

If Phil Jackson has accomplished anything in his entire coaching career, it was winning. He maintains an astonishing winning percentage of 70.4 percent; and in his 20 years of NBA coaching, Jackson has reached the postseason all 20 times.

The Chicago Bulls were the first of the two teams in which Jackson coached. During his 9-year reign in Chicago, the Bulls won the NBA Championship a total of 6 times. Then, after a short-term retirement, the 65-year-old decided to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers won the NBA Championship 5 times throughout Jackson’s stay in Los Angeles.

So when the Lakers got news that Phil Jackson wanted to retire, they found a difficult task in finding a replacement for the Hall of Famer.

However, they finally found the one man they thought was suitable to continue the Lakers’ legacy: Mike Brown. Mike Brown is an unemployed NBA coach who spent five years working with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Though the papers have not yet been signed because Brown is still situated in Cleveland, sources say the deal will be for a duration of four years and $18.25 million, with Los Angeles having the option to pick up the fourth year.

Despite the initial disappointment from Lakers fans (because Brown never won an NBA Championship, even though LeBron James was on his squad), he does make for a logical fit. This is because Mike Brown is the only unemployed coach to have ever coached an NBA superstar.

Brown coached James for five seasons, bringing the Cleveland Cavaliers to 2007 NBA Finals and the Eastern Conference Finals twice. He understands how to deal with an ego as big as LeBron James’, which will definitely come in handy when he orders around Kobe Bryant.  

Already working on his relationship with the 5-time NBA Champion, Brown has begun exchanging text messages with Bryant.
When asked about his relationship with the All-Star, Brown told the press that he is “looking forward to getting to know Kobe and being able to work with him to go and get us a championship.”

Messina Mouthful: Mike Brown holds a career coaching winning percentage of 66.3.

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