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NBA Lines – Lakers Finalizing Coaching Decisions

Posted by Brett Nielson on 6/22/2011 1:49:42 PM

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown is reaching a final decision regarding his supporting cast for this upcoming NBA lines season.

2010-11 Season
Los Angeles Lakers vs. NBA: 57-25
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Pacific: 12-4

NorthBet Numbers: Los Angeles Lakers were 39-42-1 ATS this season.

Once ex-Cavaliers coach Mike Brown got news that the Los Angeles Lakers were choosing him to succeed Phil Jackson, I’m sure his immediate reaction included any ‘woos’ and celebratory dances.

But now that his excitement has expired and pressure and skepticism has filled its place, Brown has many key decisions to act on. His first major action as head coach will be to choose his coaching staff, which is something that he has nearly completed.

From all of the available coaches around the NBA lines, Mike Brown has apparently narrowed his field down to just three.

According to inside sources, Brown’s three finalists are Toronto Raptors assistant coach Scott Roth, Philadelphia 76ers player development coach Quin Snyder and former University of Utah head coach Jim Boylen are the final three.

These sources also claim that Scott Roth and Quin Snyder have already interviewed for the job, while Jim Boylen is planned to meet with Mike Brown this Monday.

However, other unnamed sources have also recently been claiming that Brown is interested in Dallas Mavericks special assistant coach Tim Grgurich. While he doesn’t consider Grgurich suitable as an assistant coach, he does think that the 68-year-old would make a great mentor for the Lakers “behind the bench”.

Nielson Notice: Approximately 100 coaches hoping to work with Mike Brown have contacted him since he was hired on June 1, Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told

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