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NBA Lines – Kyrie Irving Drafted First Overall

Posted by Marcello Messina on 6/27/2011 8:38:55 AM

With the number one pick in this year’s Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Duke point guard Kyrie Irving.

2010-11 NBA lines
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. NBA: 19-63
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Central: 3-13

NorthBet Numbers: Cleveland Cavaliers were 36-44-2 ATS this season.

Prior to this year’s NBA Draft, there had been much speculation as to whom the Cleveland Cavaliers would select with the first overall pick.

Countless rumors were posted all over the Internet, authors claiming their references from ‘insider sources’, suggesting that the Cavs would act differently from what others said in the Draft.

Some sources stated that Cleveland would select Kyrie Irving, others suggested Derrick Williams, and some said that they would not make a final decision until the Draft had begun.

Well, the Cavaliers organization entered the Draft and made – what I think to be – the smartest decision possible: they drafted the player with the highest potential, Kyrie Irving.
Though Irving might not be the most NBA-ready player of the first round picks, he definitely entered the draft with the highest potential of any athlete.

In his first year with the Duke Blue Devils, coach Mike Krzyzewski immediately gave the freshman point guard the starting job because of his immense talent. However, because of a foot injury early on in the season, Irving was only able to play a total of 11 matches – including his 3 NCAA Tournament games (the Blue Devils were 10-1 in those games).

Still, those few performances were enough for scouts all around the NBA to want this young prospect on their squad. During his stint at Duke, Kyrie Irving averaged 17.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game. He also shot a 52.9 field goal percentage and threw 46.2 percent from beyond the 3-point line.

But, above all, scouts were mostly impressed by his vision on the court and his aggressiveness when attacking the basket. Though he was not the best passer, he always appeared to make the right passes. Also, whenever need be, he showed great ability to penetrate in the paint and make defenders pay for taking just one bad step.

Messina Mention: The Cleveland Cavaliers are not looking to build an immediate contending team. Rather, they are trying to rebuild a long-term team that was demolished when LeBron James packed his bags. So, it did make sense for Cleveland to draft the player with the highest potential, and not the one who will come strongest out of the gate.

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