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NBA Lines: Fear the Deer Next Year

Posted by Ashley Carmichael on 7/12/2011 9:33:19 AM

The Milwaukee Bucks have made excellent stride this offseason in order to compete in the high-powered Eastern Conference.  The Bucks surprised everyone two seasons ago when they made the NBA Lines playoffs as a fifth seed.  Due to injuries Milwaukee was not able to do the same in 2010, but next season the Bucks show much promise.

With Brandon Jennings excelling, the Bucks have now a steady point guard who can score the ball and make necessary plays.  In only his second season Jennings averaged 16.2 points and 4.8 assists per game.  We all know he can score the basketball, and with coach Scott Skiles assistance Brandon Jennings could develop an all around point guard game.  According to NBA Lines Scott Skiles is an NBA Legend who set the record for most assists in a game with 30.  If Jennings can be taught the distribution skills Scott Skile had, then Jennings will have a right future.

Furthermore, the Milwaukee Bucks made some must-needed off-season re-signings including Larry Sanders.  Sanders is a 6’11’’ forward with an even longer wingspan, he averaged 1.2 blocks per game as a rookie, and had a game with 8 blocks.  And also with Bogut reaching full recovery from injury the Bucks frontcourt is looking rather intimidating.

Not to mention on 2011 NBA Draft day, the Milwaukee Bucks moved alto of players around.  According to NBA Lines, Stephen Jackson was acquired along with two efficient guards in Beno Udrih and Shaun Livingston.  Jackson will be able to score 20 almost every night and the two guards provide assistance for the young Brandon Jennings.

Losing Corey Maggette and John Salmons will not be losses at all; both were over their prime and no longer to be as efficient as they once were.  Also rookie big man John Leur, from Wisconsin, was drafted by Milwaukee and the seven footer will help grab plenty of boards as well as stretch the floor with his three-point shooting.

The Bucks are younger and more athletic.  This team will make a run for the 2011 NBA lines playoffs.

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two contests

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