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NBA Lines – Can The Dallas Mavericks Repeat?

Posted by Marcello Messina on 6/22/2011 1:53:52 PM

After finishing on top of the NBA lines with Championship rings, one can only wonder: how long will the Dallas Mavericks reign last.

NBA Lines
2011 Season
Dallas Mavericks vs. NBA: 57-25
Dallas Mavericks vs. Southwest: 8-8

This NBA lines season could not have ended any sweeter for the Dallas Mavericks and their owner Mark Cuban.

The Mavericks concluded the 2010 NBA lines regular season with a 57-25 record, finishing third in the Western Conference and fifth overall in the entire NBA. This obviously includes their four-game winning streak at the end of the season, which gave them a clear boost into the playoffs.

Also, it became very apparent that Dallas would be a tough competitor in the postseason right from the get-go. Led by their captain Dirk Nowitski, the Mavericks eliminated the Portland Trail Blazers in six games. Nowitski capitalized on his opportunity at playing a weaker team by hitting the ground running and scoring 61 points in his first two NBA lines games.

Once Dallas overcame the Trail Blazers, they were matched up with the Los Angeles Lakers. Though, despite LA’s immense talent, the Mavericks found enough in themselves to sweep the Lakers and move on to the Western Conference Finals.

Even with their previous success against Portland and Los Angeles, the Mavericks had not begun looking like a Championship team until the Conference finals when they faced the Oklahoma City Thunder. Playing versus the Thunder, Dallas’ offense really began to fire on all cylinders. They averaged an incredible 105.2 points scored per game, conclusively winning the series in six games.

Finally, when they faced the Miami Heat in the Championship Finals, Dallas was just too hot to handle. They edged out the Heat in seven games and earned their NBA lines victory rings.

But now that the Dallas Mavericks have beaten every team to win the most coveted trophy in the NBA, they must surely be a dynasty for at least the next few years, right? Not so sure. I’m not even yet sold on the presumption that they will make the playoffs next year.

With an average age of 28.53, the Dallas Mavericks have the 4th oldest team in the NBA. Also, when the players return next year, they will each be one year older than they are today, aging the squad at 29.53 – given that there are no transactions.

Therefore, when any team reaches an average age of almost 30 years, they begin to decline altogether… and fast (see Los Angeles Lakers). Additionally, the Mavs might also be losing a few of their top players due to retirement this year (their 38-year-old starting point guard Jason Kidd will surely retire from the NBA now that he’s won a Championship).

I’m not saying to quit on the NBA’s top team just because they’re older than most of the league. All I’m saying is that if you start seeing some offseason trades in which Dallas management gives up talent for youth, beware.

Messina Mention: At 38 years of age, Jason Kidd was the oldest point guard to ever play in an NBA lines Championship series.

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