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NBA Lines – Bucks, Bobcats & Kings Swap Draft Picks

Posted by Brett Nielson on 6/27/2011 8:45:21 AM

The Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings were involved in a blockbuster 3-way trade this Thursday.

2010-11 NBA Lines
Milwaukee Bucks vs. NBA: 35-47
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Central: 6-10

NorthBet Numbers: Milwaukee Bucks were 40-39-3 ATS this season.

Prior to their first-round NBA Draft selections, three teams stated that they had agreed upon a trade involving their draft picks.

The Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings had arranged for a deal that would force team veterans and newly-acquired draft selections to swap teams.

In this trade, the Milwaukee Bucks will acquire Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston from the Charlotte Bobcats; they will also get their 19th pick Tobias Harris. The Bucks will then receive Beno Udrih from the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings will only be receiving Milwaukee guard John Salmons, and the Bucks’ 10th overall draft selection Jimmer Fredette.

Meanwhile, the Bobcats will obtain Bismack Biyombo – the seventh overall pick from Sacramento – and Milwaukee forward Corey Maggette.

The biggest story in this blockbuster deal is that of Stephen Jackson, who will have to move to his seventh team in eleven years. “A source told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that Jackson is not happy about being dealt to Milwaukee and it remains to be seen how cooperative he’ll be if and when he joins the team.” (Chad Ford ESPN)

Though, Cory Maggette and John Salmons will also each be heading out to their fifth teams in their careers.

The main idea of this deal was to shift around some of the clubs’ larger contracts. For example, Charlotte’s Stephen Jackson is owed over $19 million for the next two years. Milwaukee’s John

Salmons has three years left on his contract is set to make $24 million, and Corey Maggette’s contracts extends over the course of the next two seasons at $21 million.

Nielson Notice: The major winners in this deal are the Charlotte Bobcats. Beginning with the shipment of overpaid Gerald Wallace to Portland last season, the Bobcats have now found themselves able to free up even more cap space. Plus, by recruiting more high-end draft selections, they have really showed their commitment to rebuilding a dynasty squad.

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