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BREAKING NEWS - First Pair Of Shoes Ever Banned By The NBA

Posted by Jackson Anthony on 10/14/2010 12:42:09 PM

Remember when you thought that Air Jordan’s could actually make you fly? Well, there’s a new shoe company, run by a couple young twenty-something’s, claiming that their newest invention does just that – sorry Nate Robinson, you’re secret’s out, we all new your 44’ inch vertical was too good to be true.

Meet Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), founded by two ex-USC Trojan athletes that also happen to be brothers. Adam and Ryan Goldston are 23-year-old twins from Los Angeles and were walk-ons for the USC basketball program.

The young entrepreneurs are the offspring of shoe technology legend, Mark Goldston, inventor of the Reebok Pump, L.A. Gear light-up shoes, and patented Hexalite cushioning technology.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard Tests The APL Concept 1's On The Court

Now we’ve all seen the advertisement for the clunky ‘vertical-enhancing’ shoes and to-date there has yet to be a pair that you could wear during a game, expecting to see some sort of actual levitation results.

Contrary to this belief, the Goldston’s have reportedly tested their patented ‘Load ‘N Launch’ technology with two unnamed Ph.D. researchers and the findings were that the APL Concept 1 shoes would increase one’s vertical leap by at least three inches.

These claims got NBA officials talking and according to Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard, NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson and his team reportedly met with the young entrepreneurs. In reference to a tweet from Ballard on October 11th, 2010, the NBA officially banned the APL Concept 1 shoes from the league. In a statement from the NBA, "Per our policy, the NBA does not allow our players to wear any shoes containing any material technology or other element that is designed to create a competitive advantage."

The NBA's ban of the APL Concept 1’s for providing an unfair performance advantage, marks the first time a pair of basketball shoes have been banned by the league due to 'material technology creating a competitive advantage.'

NorthBet, previously posted odds of 1:1 that the NBA would ban the APL Concept 1’s.

More Information About Athletic Propulsion Labs:
Address: 15820  Euclid Ave.
Chino, CA 91780

Phone: 866.672.8630
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @APLbasketball



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