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Who Are The Best Western Conference NBA Bets?

Posted by Matthew Forrester on 1/27/2016 11:48:11 PM

The best Western Conference NBA bets might be a bit of a surprise.There is a long standing rule that most NBA bettors abide by, and it’s that you don’t just blindly follow the top teams. The problem is that the two best teams in the entire league are also absolutely murdering the spread. This is a good time to remind you to not stare a gift horse in the mouth. “Rules” in NBA betting are just guidelines. Exceptions happen and we have two of them.

San Antonio Spurs (39-7 SU and 31-15 ATS)

The Spurs are murdering everyone in their path lately, and I mean that in every sense of the word. They’ve won eight of their last ten games by double-digits thanks to a fully functional offense and defense that ranks 6th and 1st respectively. There’s essentially no team that can touch them. Lock in, get cozy and ride this out for as long as it lasts no matter the number.

Golden State Warriors (42-4 SU and 28-17-1 ATS)

Everything I wrote about the Spurs, you can say about the Warriors. The thing to be wary of is injuries and fatigue with this team. The longest failed cover streak they endured was back at the beginning of the season, and that was only three games long. Right now they’re an automatic decision, but keep your eyes on them. They’re coming off a +31.0 point win over Chicago and a +34.0 point destruction of the Cavaliers. So far, everything’s fine.

Dallas Mavericks (26-22 SU and 27-20-1 ATS)

This just comes down to coaching. Rick Carlisle is so damn good that it doesn’t matter who plays for him. It’s hard to imagine what he could do with a really good roster because it’s never happened in recent years thanks to Dallas’s inability to recruit top caliber free agents. Carlisle is a master at turning trash in to trophies, and he’s en route to doing that again this year. The completely average Dallas Mavericks are one of the most underrated teams in the entire league, and should be automatic at home where they’re 13-7 ATS. Tread a little lighter when they’re travelling when compiling your Western Conference NBA bets.


Hazardous material ahead. Proceed no further.

Houston Rockets (25-23 SU and 20-28 ATS)

The Rockets are an absolute disaster right now and shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s Western Conference NBA bets. They’re one of the best scoring teams, but their defense is abysmal, ranking 27th in the league with a whopping 105.7 points against on average. Dysfunctional teams lend themselves to inconsistency, and the pair of head cases that lead this team – Harden and Howard – aren’t strong enough leaders to pull this talented team out of the hell it’s in. Keep your distance.

Phoenix Suns (14-33 SU and 18-29 ATS)

The loss of Eric Bledsoe at the end of December basically took any and all wind out of their sails. The Suns went from being one of the most electric scoring teams last season, to totally mediocre. They’re also the second-worst team defensively, giving up a horrific amount of points and the best opposing field-goal percentage in the league. I’d rather bet on the Lakers in the Western Conference than this blackhole of enthusiasm.


two contests

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