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The Best NBA Weekend Games For Betting

Posted by Stan Jenkins on 11/8/2013 9:04:27 AM

The second weekend of the 2013-2014 NBA season features a few matchups that stand out from the crowd. How will some of the most talented teams in the league fare against each other?

Game 1: Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets – Saturday, November 9

The Pacers and Nets are both seen as two of the five best teams in the Eastern Conference, alongside Miami, Chicago, and New York. They will both want to see how their strengths and weaknesses merge in a fascinating encounter. The Pacers have added a few pieces to last season’s team, but they still have the same basic core of players. The Nets, on the other hand, are a substantially remade team due to the blockbuster draft night deal that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry to Brooklyn in exchange for Kris Humpries, Gerald Wallace, and other considerations. The Nets will have a new attitude and a new on-court dynamic with Pierce and Garnett on the floor together. The Pacers will face a different team compared to the one they dueled with last season in the East. All in all, Indiana seems to be quicker than Brooklyn. The Pacers are definitely younger than the Nets, and that is something which is likely to matter by the time this game is over. Go with Indiana on the road.NBA Betting Pick: Indiana

Game 2: Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston Rockets – Saturday, November 9

The Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets are two of the most talked-about teams in the Western Conference and the NBA in general. The Clippers have received a copious amount of buzz because Doc Rivers is their new head coach, the man who might be able to put all the pieces together in Los Angeles and turn high-level talent into high-level achievements. The Rockets have become a major focal point for NBA commentators and analysts because of the arrival of Dwight Howard in H-Town. Howard, combined with James Harden and Jeremy Lin, gives Houston a measure of inside-outside balance and the ability to offer a low-post threat in addition to premier perimeter scorers. No one would be overly surprised if this was a preview of a second-round playoff matchup in the month of May. Right now, it seems that the Clippers are going through a period of adjustment as they get used to Rivers’ way of doing business. This instability should give Houston the edge in November, although future matchups in springtime might go in the other direction.

NBA Betting Pick: Houston

Game 3: Golden State Warriors @ Memphis Grizzlies – Saturday, November 9

The Warriors are wondrously talented, but their defense didn’t put up much of a fight on national television this past Thursday on TNT. The Los Angeles Clippers shredded their defense, suggesting that when Memphis and its two big low-post bruisers – Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol – take the court against the Warriors, Golden State won’t really be able to stop them. This feels like Memphis’ game to lose on its home floor.

NBA Betting Pick: Memphis

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two contests

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