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NBA Weekend Betting: Nets vs. Warriors Preview

Posted by Stan Jenkins on 2/21/2014 9:19:16 AM

The NBA season is just beginning to get back into the swing of things following the All-Star break. This is one of the more unique weeks of the regular season, and for that very reason, Brooklyn might have more of a chance of winning in Oakland than you might first think.

Brooklyn Nets @ Golden State Warriors

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t in the same league as the Golden State Warriors – this much is evident without any real need for an explanation. One team (the Nets) is several games under the .500 mark in a thin and underachieving Eastern Conference, while another team (the Warriors) is several games over .500 in the far deeper and more demanding Western Conference. The Warriors are also playing this game at home, which should (and will) make them even more of a favorite. However, for all the ways in which Golden State stands out as an easy choice, you shouldn’t think that this is an absolute lead-pipe cinch game on Saturday night in central California.

The Warriors are 31-22 at the All-Star break, while Brooklyn is 24-27. Yet, Golden State is entirely capable of face-planting on any given night. Several head-scratching losses have cropped up for the Warriors this season, defying both logic and bettors’ expectations. Golden State has lost at home to Denver, Minnesota, Washington, and Charlotte. Moreover, the Warriors lost to Charlotte by 16 points. Furthermore, they lost while scoring just 75 points on their home floor, an unfathomably low output against a losing team. The topper is that Golden State lost by 16 to Charlotte (and scoring only 75 points) even though the Warriors had fallen to the Bobcats earlier in the season in North Carolina. Not even a revenge game was able to motivate Golden State enough to play well against a so-so Eastern Conference squad. If that kind of thing can happen to the Warriors on a given night, Brooklyn can certainly do the same kind of thing on Saturday night. Brooklyn, it should be noted, is – like Charlotte a few weeks ago – also gunning for a season sweep of the Warriors, having defeated Golden State at home earlier in the 82-game schedule. The notion that the Nets can win in Oakland is just not as laughable as a lot of people might be inclined to believe.

The other detail about this game which needs to be focused on is that it’s right after the All-Star break, just a few days after the NBA’s return to action. The extended break provided by All-Star weekend should give the older, slower Nets the infusion of rest and energy they need. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett should really welcome this development, and it might enable the two future Hall of Fame players to give it their best shot in Oakland on Saturday. If you played this game before the All-Star break, Brooklyn might not have had as much of a chance.


The Nets will keep this game close, but the Warriors are still a better team with more offensive weapons. Expect them to score on Brooklyn in the fourth quarter and pull out a win.

Pick: Golden State

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two contests

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