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NBA Betting Tips – Who Are The Best Bets In The NBA So Far?

Posted by Matthew Forrester on 11/7/2015 10:15:48 AM

Handing out NBA betting tips this early is a bit of a struggle for a handicapper, but at least four teams have broken away from the pack in terms of spread record. Check out my favorite best bets, and the worst bet in the league as well, down below.


It’s always easy to cast the Toronto Raptors aside as an afterthought because they lack true All-Star talent regardless of how much you love Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. Yet, after watching them come back to beat Oklahoma City on the road 103-98 on Wednesday night, this team is getting harder to ignore.

So how’s it happening? First off, they have the third best point differential in the league with a +11.8 mark that’s built on veracious perimeter defense and rebounding, and a scoring output that notches 106.0 points per game, which is the 6th best in the league.

A lot of people will generally offer their own NBA betting tips concerning Toronto’s sustainability but we’ve seen the Raps get on these types hot streaks before. Plus they added a key piece in free agency that’s allowing them to dominate their schedule.

That would be DeMarre Carroll, who doesn’t do a lot of things that show up on the stat box. But his arrival has allowed Toronto’s DeRozan to focus more on scoring than on guarding the opposing team’s best player. Carroll is a full tool box utility guy with a line of 13-5-2 per game which is fine considering the other metrics he puts up. Meanwhile, DeMar and Lowry are averaging 40.6 points combined as the defense clamps down on the other end.

The Raptors are a bet-on team until they start to show some weaknesses, but I’d be wary on them on gigantic home lines like +10.5 or more. Ride those Raptors until the momentum is extinct. You don’t just grab the second most boards in the league by accident. This defense is for real for the time being and they don’t have any overwhelming matchups outside of Saturday’s big test against Miami.

Next Games: at Orlando (Friday), at Miami (Sunday), vs. NY Knicks (Tuesday)


This is probably betting a little lazy when handing out NBA betting tips…but how about the Warriors! Speaking of point differential, the defending champs have thrown up the most ridiculous one I’ve seen ever. They’re outscoring opponents by +25.0 points right now, and that’s in large part to Steph Curry picking up right where he left last season. Curry’s 37.0 points per game is absolutely absurd.

Everything else that you loved about Golden State is still here despite the absence of head coach Steve Kerr who remains out due to back surgery. We all know that the Warriors can put up points, and their 119.0 points per game is far and away the best in the NBA. But their team defense is still one of the top-5 in the league.

It was easy to be concerned about Golden State heading in to the season, but big wins over the Rockets and Clippers has proven that this scorching scoring team is undoubtedly a team to bank on until further notice. They don’t have a single thing to be worried about except excessive lines, but with that kind of point differential you have to at least consider them every night they’re on.

Next Game: vs. Denver (Friday), at Sacramento (Saturday), vs. Detroit (Monday), at Memphis (Wednesday)

ORLANDO MAGIC (1-4 SU and 5-0 ATS)

The first two teams that we discussed are undefeated so it’s natural to gravitate towards them. Feel like walking on the wild side? Then say hello to the most peculiar successful teams in my NBA betting tips. The Magic have just one victory over the injury riddled Pelicans, but have absolutely busted the spread throughout the first week of action.

Are we underestimating them? Well most people have been waiting for this team to bust through the glass ceiling for quite some time. Evan Fournier, Elfrid Payton, Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo oozed with talent independently before entering he league. Now they’re capitalizing on it way past expectations.

The main issue is that Orlando allows just as many points as they score currently (103.3) but have shown a staggering ability to keep games close with a young, relentless and focused attack designed by Scott Skiles. Is it too late to get involved?

Honestly, right now it’s just dumb to ask questions. You shouldn’t trust Orlando, but why not make money off a dark horse while it lasts? I don’t like them against a defensively focused team like Toronto this Friday, but outside of that I’m pretty much all in until this lotto ticket stops paying out.

Would you walk a way from a slot machine that just kept giving you lucky sevens? Would you sit there doubting the probability or just keeping spinning? Honestly, would you dare to believe in…wait for it….MAGIC?!

Next Games: vs. Toronto (Friday), at Philadelphia (Friday), at Indiana

(Monday), vs. LA Lakers (Wednesday)

PHOENIX SUNS (3-2 SU and 4-1 ATS)

Last year, the Suns were a terrific regular season bet. This year, they’re a terrific regular season bet again. Even in a loss to the Clippers away from home, they were able to barely cover the line. Phoenix has a fast paced offence that is one of the better scoring machines in the NBA, but their defense has been dramatically improved this year. Considering their slate of games over the weekend, I’ll continue to stay with the hot hand (along with my terrible puns).

Next Games: vs. Detroit (Friday), @ OKC (Sunday), vs. LA Clippers (Thursday)

WORST BETING TEAM – New Orleans Pelicans

In short, Anthony Davis can’t do it all no matter how hard he tries. Everyone seemed to anoint Davis as the preseason favorite for the MVP award, but forgot to remember that his team is made up of…oh yeah…NOBODY. A bunch of starters are hurt, Alvin Gentry has filed to bring over any of the sparkle he had in Golden State, and Davis literally has no help.

Anthony Davis is a force of nature, but very few players in this league are a one man wrecking crew anymore. The league’s just too talented and too deep. When Davis gets more help as the injuries resolve, New Orleans is immediately back on the radar. Why bother mentioning any of this?

The issue is that the betting public can get sucked in to the lovefest for Davis despite his team’s horrifying -14.2 point differential. Stay away. They’ve been getting torched by everyone, so if you’re going to follow my NBA betting tips, run the other way with as much of your money as you have available.

Next Games: vs. Atlanta (Friday), at Dallas (Saturday), vs. Dallas Tuesday), at Atlanta (Wednesday)


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