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NBA Betting: 3 Best Bets To Win The NBA Coach Of The Year Award

Posted by Stan Jenkins on 2/9/2015 9:02:54 AM

There are two overwhelming favorites for the NBA Coach Of The Year Award. It’s a matter of which one is going to take the upper hand by the end of the regular season.

1 – Mike Budenholzer, Atlanta Hawks

The reason why Budenholzer should probably nudge out Steve Kerr for first place in this competition is that the Hawks have a dysfunctional organization. Their former general manager, Danny Ferry, got embroiled in an ugly incident which exposed his racism and was part of a larger situation in which the Hawks have needed to transfer ownership. A new buyer is still being pursued at this time. The instability in Atlanta is what makes Budhenholzer’s work slightly more impressive than Kerr’s, even though it’s a close race. Atlanta took a lot of spare parts, endured a 38-win season a year ago with Al Horford being injured, and has been able to build everything into a winner this season. No one was expecting Atlanta to be this good. No one was expecting Atlanta to have a seven-game lead over the second-place team in the East at the beginning of February. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment worthy of the Coach of the Year Award in the NBA.

2 – Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors

As for Kerr, he already had Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, so he had more pieces in place than Atlanta did, which is why he’s not number one on this list. However, he’s surely no worse than second. He has taken the same team that got a number six playoff seed a season ago and has turned it into a team with a multi-game lead in the race for the Western Conference’s top seed. Kerr is pushing all the right buttons and saying all the right things. He has his players in a positive frame of mind, and he’s also being tactically smart in deploying his resources. Golden State still doesn’t have a healthy defensive big man with Andrew Bogut ailing, but that hasn’t held back Kerr or the Warriors.

3 – Jason Kidd, Milwaukee Bucks

This is the wild card choice, and it’s not likely to happen, but based purely on the body of work, it’s very hard to not put Kidd in the top three behind the obvious selections from Atlanta and Golden State. The Bucks won fewer than 20 games last season. They were a total disaster. They drafted Jabari Parker out of Duke with the number two selection in the 2014 NBA Draft, and based on that move, the Bucks were thought to be a team that could be modestly better, maybe winning around 25 to 28 games this season. Well, instead, the Bucks are already closing in on a mid-20s win total. They’ve won more than 20 games to this point in the season and have a very good chance of winning 40. The team could finish with a .500 record or better. That’s truly something. Kidd is showing that he’s a really good coach, far better than a lot of people either expected or were hoping for.

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two contests

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