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General Rules

  1. NorthBet reserves the right to decline all, or part, of any bet requested.
  2. We only accept bets made online or by telephone at NorthBet. Bets are not accepted in any other form (post, email, fax, etc.) and where received will be void - win or lose.
  3. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure details of their wagers are correct. Once wagers have been placed and their acceptance confirmed they may not be cancelled or changed by the customer. In case of phone disconnection, it is responsibility of the customer to call back and confirm the bet(s), otherwise the bet(s) would be void.
  4. For Internet users, account balances must be verified by the player on each Internet log-on prior to wagering. When you verify and accept your betting account balance, you agree that all previous transactions are correct and you do not have any claims. If there are any discrepancies about account balances, or for further information contact your account manager as soon as possible.
  5. Members must be 21 years of age or older in order to place wagers and/or collect winnings.
  6. Wagers will be accepted until the start of an event, unless the event offers Live Betting. Events that offer Live Betting will be clearly marked as such on
  7. Dates, kick-off times, and comments of all events displayed on our site are for guidance purposes only.
  8. Bets on Live Betting may be subject to a time delay prior to acceptance, the length of which may vary depending on the sport, market or customer. Such delay to be determined by NorthBet acting on its sole discretion.
  9. If a parlay/teaser/if bet contains a selection which is cancelled for any reason, the wager will not revert downwards. Instead, the wager will be cancelled and the funds returned to the account balance.
  10. Before accepting any wager, NorthBet reserves the right to limit the maximum amount staked.
  11. A wager will be considered invalid by NorthBet if:

    a) The wager is submitted after the start of an event, the event’s outcome has become public knowledge, or that particular event or wager type is not offered by NorthBet. If the error is noticed in time, NorthBet will make reasonable efforts to contact the customer to allow the choice of placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.

    b) The wager is placed on an obvious pricing error. All odds, lines and handicaps are subject to fluctuation, and become fixed only at the time of wager acceptance. Where a palpable error or system failure results in an incorrect price, line or handicap taken in a wager, the wager, or that part of the wager if it is a multiple wager/parlay will be void (NorthBet reserves the right to delete or cancel the parlay/multiple wager). If the error is noticed in time, NorthBet will make reasonable efforts to contact the customer to allow the choice of placing another wager at the correct odds/line/handicap.

    c) The wager is not accepted by the NorthBet transaction server for any reason.
  12. You are liable for any unauthorized use of your account number and password. It is the member's responsibility to keep this information private, if at anytime you feel this information has been compromised please contact customer service to have them changed.
  13. Start times/dates, lines and odds displayed on are for informational purposes only and are subject to change, however, the odds quoted and accepted at the time of placement will be used to determine winning, losing and push wagers.
  14. In the event NorthBet accepts a wager with an obvious line error, all single wagers will be void and multi-selection wagers will be reduced accordingly.
  15. If for any reason NorthBet incorrectly credits your account balance, it is your responsibility to notify NorthBet of the error immediately. Any winnings after the error, either directly or indirectly related to the error before notifying NorthBet will be invalid.
two contests

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