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$100.00 - $299.0020% FREEPLAY4X
$300.00 - $499.0030% FREEPLAY6X
$500.00 - $ 999.0040% FREEPLAY7X
$1,000.00 and up50% FREEPLAY8X


  1. Freeplays can only be used on the 4 major team sports: Football (NFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA, NCAA, WNBA), MLB and NHL.
  2. Freeplays can be used on 2 team parlays and straight bets. All lines are capped at +140 when using your freeplay.
  3. The winnings from your freeplay wagers are credited to your account as cash and the risked freeplay automatically disappears.
  4. Freeplay allows you to buy up to 2 points.
  5. Freeplays can only be used for the full game outcome.
  6. The rollover (and hold if applicable) starts from the time both, the freeplay and deposit, are credited to your account.
  7. Only the 4 major team sports will count towards the rollover: Football (NFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA, NCAA, WNBA), MLB and NHL.
  8. The lower amount between the risk and reward is counted towards the rollover.
  9. Futures and props do not count towards the required rollover.
  10. Any wagers on opposing sides of the same game will not be counted towards the required rollover.
  11. The deposit plus the freeplay must be rolled over the required number of times before requesting a payout.
  12. Deposit based bonuses can only be claimed within 48-hours from the time of the deposit and so long as no withdrawals have been requested during that time frame.
  13. Special bonuses of 100% require a minimum of a 30 day stay and play and at least a 10 time rollover.
  14. The rollover is waived when all cash and bonus balances (sports and casino) have reached zero and you have made a new deposit. Any winnings from bonuses and/or specials after a bust-out are tied in to the original rollover requirement.
  15. reserves the right to deny or cancel bonuses to players whose wagering record indicates they are making “Wise Guy” or “Steam” moves. reserves the right to cancel bonuses and/or funds won with said bonuses if management determines a player to be non-recreational or part of a syndicate. Bonuses are intended for recreational players only. Decisions to cancel “Wise Guy” action are entirely up to the discretion of, with no exceptions.
  16. If your total payouts plus balance, including pending wagers, exceed your total deposits your account is not eligible for deposit bonuses, promotions or special bonuses of any kind.
  17. For any balances built on bonus money advancements that have been previously credited to the account, the rollover (and hold if applicable) will apply to the balance plus deposit amount and will only begin the day the deposit is verified.
  18. Special promotion bonuses (including, but not limited to, survey prizes, specials, cash back, horse rebates, loyalty dollar freeplays and wagerback), with the exception of contest prizes, carry a minimum of 5 time rollover and are limited to a max cash payout of 5 times the original bonus amount. Any winnings beyond the 5 time maximum will be forfeited once the payout limit has been met.
  19. All contest prizes carry a 10 time rollover on the bonus amount and a 5 times max cashout.
  20. You may not qualify for freeplays, casino bonuses and/or promotions if you have recent withdrawals unless they are covered in full, if you are ahead in the casinos when factoring in bonuses released into real cash or if you are overall ahead on NorthBet in general.

*If you have any questions regarding our bonus policy, please call your personal account manager for details.

two contests

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