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Meet Northbet Authors

Jackson Anthony

A sports reporter and former professional athlete, Mr. Anthony offers his unparalleled industry expertise to the NorthBet team. He enjoys the occasional long walk on the beach, but prefers to concentrate on the NFL, NBA, and college sports.

Marcello Messina

A dedicated NFL analyst, the outspoken Mr. Messina can frequently be found ranting on his twitter account or within his own articles. Marcello has always had a fiery personality, so don't be offended if you catch some opinionated words within his content...he really doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Follow him @marcellomessina

Brett Nielson

Mr. Nielson has over a decade of experience in professional football and basketball reporting. You can catch his intellectual insights in his weekend column as he enjoys discussing the high profile sports match-ups with NorthBet clientèle.

Ashley Carmichael

Ms. Carmichael has always been very opinionated but, mainly because she consistently has the facts and the spine to back up her arguments. Look for her unique spin on NFL, NCAA basketball, and NBA basketball in her weekly posts.

two contests

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